Does The Inability Of Clearing A Credit Check Come From Bad Credit?

checkcreditBad credit refers to a constricted financial situation, which comes about as a result of consistently poor financial dealings of the past. It does not come about if you miss a payment or two, but if you make it your habit to be late on your interest payments or fail to pay them altogether. Whether it was due to negligence or it was sheer bad luck, if you struggle with your credit related dealings, it has to go down as a black mark on your credit report. This ultimately results in a tainted financial reputation, which hinders you from getting access to most credit related products. Whether you want a loan approved or are into getting a new mobile phone contract, bad credit is something that does not stop following you until you stop and wash the stain.

As you can see, bad credit obstructs your way to not just a mobile phone contract but a whole bunch of different things which involve dealing in credit. However, is it really the only reason for not clearing a credit check? And is your failure to clear a credit check solely dependent on whether or not you have a tainted financial history? The answer to this question is no. No, your struggles in clearing credit checks do not necessarily track back to a bad credit history, and no, not having bad credit does not guarantee clearing a credit check. This is because another thing which makes you a potential high-risk individual in the eyes of the lender is not having a credit history at all. Perhaps you have always kept your distance from credit cards or have not taken up a mobile phone contract or loan at all. Either way, if there is nothing to run a credit check on, there is nothing to confirm whether or not you are a creditworthy individual. It makes sense, as having no credit history makes it extremely difficult for the lender or mobile phone contract provider to assess the riskiness of dealing with you, as they see your chances of being a responsible and negligent borrower as             quite the same. To them, you are just another person, they cannot really be sure about. This inevitably leads to reluctance in their approach to approving your request, and thus, you cannot be sure of clearing the credit check. While it does not mean you are going to fail in this endeavor of yours, success is not expected either. Therefore, you pretty much hang in the middle, and become part of a situation where one party would give you the clearance, while the other may not.

Therefore, if you have no credit history whatsoever and are struggling to prove your creditworthiness as a result of it, these no credit check mobile phones are what you need to get your out of this predicament. While you can get away not getting a loan or two, having a mobile phone is a necessity. The fact that you have stayed away from credit matters for so long indicates that your new found attraction towards them has a reason. Hence, resorting to these contract which eradicate a need for a credit check altogether seems like the optimal solution.